Programs & Kits

NWKLS offers an abundance of programs and services for children of all ages.

If you’re looking for ways to up your Storytime or to keep your young adult children engaged, look no further!

Sensory Kits

Sensory kits are crucial in libraries for children with special needs, allowing them to engage in activities without worry.

Sensory Storytime integrates traditional elements with sensory activities, providing a safe space for families to participate.

This inclusive environment encourages families to explore library resources and helps children develop essential skills.

For guidance, Carol Kranowitz’s books, like “The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun,” offer valuable insights into sensory programming.

Youth Kits

These kits offer content checklists, learning links, booklists, handouts, and tips for interactive programming.

Available for 30-day checkout with renewal options, they’re free to use, though replacement fees may apply for damaged or missing items.

Our aim is to foster safe, entertaining, and educational experiences for young adults. Through this pilot program, we address their needs while laying groundwork for wider adoption.

Join us in cultivating lifelong library engagement, empowering youth to explore, connect, and thrive.

It’s time to YOU TRY-IT!

Additional Information

Funded by The LSTA Grant 2014 and supported by the Kansas State Library and NorthWest Kansas Library System, You Try-It!

 Kits aim to engage young adults in Kansas libraries. 

These kits, provided by the NorthWest Kansas Library System, cover a range of themes and require varying levels of technological skill. They encourage hands-on learning, teaching, and observation, fostering peer connections and community engagement. 

The goal? Empowering youth and libraries to explore new opportunities together through You Try-It!

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Children’s Services Consultant