Humanities Kansas Talk Book Program

About TALK Books

The Talk About Literature in Kansas (TALK) program offers customizable book discussions for Kansans, funded and supported by Humanities Kansas (HK). You select the book(s), discussion leader(s), and time(s), and HK supplies the books and covers the cost. Discussions are free for Kansas nonprofits, targeting adult, out-of-school audiences. Although typical TALK series run from January 15th to June 10th and August 15th to December 10th, reservations outside these dates are possible.

For those interested, contact NWKLS to confirm the availability of your chosen series. Then, apply for a grant with Humanities Kansas to secure a speaker. A month prior to the TALK series start, you will receive an email from Abigail with details on book selection and distribution.

Start a TALK Book Discussion:

1. Review the TALK catalog and materials at the Humanities Kansas website.

2. Reserve the TALK series from NorthWest Kansas Library System by email (link to the right) or by calling: (785) 877-5148

      2a. Wait for confirmation of your series reservation.

   2b. Return to the Humanities Kansas website to complete the process:

3. Select and contact a discussion leader for each book.

4. Apply for a Resource Center Support Grant to bring the discussion leader(s) to your community.

5. Download publicity materials and discussion leader bios.

Be Sure to Confirm:

• How many books you need. (Must be multiple copies)

• When the books need to be shipped to you. (Please give adequate notice)

• How the books will be shipped (through the library courier system or USPS).

• When the books will be returned.

TALK Books Available

Make sure to call/email well ahead of time as the titles get checked out and are not always available!

Talk About Literature in Kansas

TALK book discussions immerse readers in captivating stories and introduce different experiences through literature.

Questions? We're here to help!

Abigail Kaup

Humanities Kansas

Heather Frew

Northwest Kansas Library System