Talk Book Reservation Form

2024 - 2026 TALK Book Reservation Form

Libraries may request a reservation for any Humanities Kansas Talk Book Series by using this form.

Step 1

Review the TALK Book Catalog: TALK Book Catalog

Step 3

• Talk books are sent out in two “sessions”.
• January 15th - June 10th
• August 15th - December 10th

• Talk book series are sent to the libraries no earlier than the 1st of each session month. (January 2nd & August 1st)

• Talk book series should be sent back to NWKLS no later than the last day of each session month. (June 30th & December 31st)

• You can reserve books at any time, subject to availability.

• Due to limited numbers of books, libraries cannot check out future talk book series until previous talk books series are all returned.
2023 TALK Book Series: Status Overview

• Return the entire series back to NWKLS when the set is finished, not individually.

Please ensure to check existing reservations using the links above before submitting a new reservation.
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An email confirming the status of your reservation will be sent within 48 hours.