Continuing Education

*Click on the “Zoom” at the end of each event to go directly to the Zoom room for the event.

  • March 29th – Summer Reading Workshop “All Together Now” With Patty Collins & Diane Bott
    •  Colby Event Center, 10-3:00 PM CST
  • March 30th – After Lunch Course “Universal Library Design” With Carli Spina
  • June 7th – TechEdge Hosted by Nextech
  • June 15th – After Lunch Course “Intellectual Freedom Issues” With Trina Magi
    • Zoom, 1:30 PM CST. Registration Link Coming

Intellectual Freedom/Book Challenge Trustee Training with Victoria Halbleib  and Mary Boller

Record Retention Schedule & Teams Revisited with George Seamon and Valerie Geringer

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