Wii U for U

According to gaming enthusiast Stephen Totillo, the Wii U has two great advantages: the amazing games they’ve developed and the GamePad with a screen built into the controller, allowing it to function as a personal play device that doesn’t even require a TV to play. (source)


Reminder: Games shown depicts a selection of available games for the Wii, all games must be selected separately from your local library.

  • Wii U Console
  • Wii U GamePad
  • Wireless Controllers (3)
  • Nunchuk Controllers (3)
  • Lego (TM) City Undercover (Game)
  • Projector

Tournament Guidelines!

  1. Gather equipment.

The box is equipped with all the tools you’ll need for several people to play. However, for a tournament with a lot of players, you might wish to see if you can get a second system and some extra controllers. You’ll also need something on which to keep track of the participants and their scores during the tourney, and make sure your space will accomodate all the people coming to the tourney.

  1. Get buy-in.

Make sure that you have one or two people who will also work on this event with you. You need their input to decide what games to use, how to set up the rules, when to have the event, and what kind of prizes and such you might be able to get.

  1. Gather Prizes!

Inquire at local businesses and among friends and relatives about small awards for doing well in the tournament; you’ll want at least 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If you have a small budget available to you, see if businesses will match your spending so that your prizes can be really great! What about a hand-made trophy that will travel to all the winners as long as the tournament is repeated?

  1. Create the rules of the tournament.

Decide what game to use—think about using something new so that no one will have a particular advantage. Your team can come up with your own plan for how the tournament will be won. It’s important that the rules be posted and that they be as clearly written as possible so that those playing can understand them easily. You can use high-score or conduct a round robin double- or single-elimination type tournament. If you choose a “Beat the Boss” format, you could time everyone’s game. You can give bonuses for number of coins gained (or mushrooms or extra lives) that could potentially propel a person’s lower score higher, or you could give a separate prize for those bonuses. The sky’s the limit! Have fun, but remember that simpler is usually better.

  1. Make it a party!

Plan snacks and decorations, and get excited! Make flyers and post them on your social media accounts as well as on prominent bulletin boards and such. Send invites to your friends and your friends’ friends! Remind people about it a couple of times by reposting or sharing stories about gaming on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once the tournament starts, don’t neglect those social media accounts! Post pictures of the tourney on those accounts (make sure you get permission from those being photographed) so that everyone who missed the event can see how much fun it was and make plans to come next time—or even better—help you plan the next one!

Get Everybody in the Game!!!