Lego™ Challenge

We don’t need to tell you how much fun Legos™ or how much kids like to play with them. We don’t even need to tell you how much adults love them, too, or how good they are for your brain and motor skills.

What you might not know is how popular they’ve become in LIBRARIES. Check out this School Library Journal article: “Block Party” from a few years ago. The resources at the end of the article are a good start, too, along with our Pinterest page. More and more libraries are working Legos™ into their semi-regular programming schedule. You’ll find more tips here.


  • The Lego™ Ideas Book
  • 10?x10? building plates (5)
  • Lego™ Community Minifigurines (3 sets)
  • Lego™ wheels (106 elements; 4 sets)
  • Lego™ doors & windows (100 pieces; 4 sets)
  • Lego™ basic bricks deluxe (650 pieces; 5 sets)

Lego™ YouTubers

WhacoLab offers some tutorials on basic Lego building techniques.