6 by 6: Library Program

What is 6 by 6? This program emphasizes the six skills that parents and caregivers can help children develop before they learn to read, at about the age of 6. The 6 by 6 program was created by the Johnson County Library  based on the PLA program- Every Child Ready to Read and has now been adopted by the State Library of Kansas for promotion statewide.

Made possible by the State Library of Kansas through a grant from the U.S Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The 11 Large 6 by 6 Kits: All Large 6 by 6 Kits contain at least one activity from the 6 key skill areas of early literacy. Print Motivation: Have Fun with BooksPrint Awareness: Notice Print All Around You, Vocabulary: Talk, Talk, Talk to your children even when they don’t understand what you’re saying, Narrative Skills: Tell Stories About EverythingLetter Knowledge: Look for Letters Everywhere and Phonological Awareness:Take Time to Rhyme, sing and play word games.

Medium Sized Kits Available For Checkout Through ILL