Laser Trekking

Laser Trekking

There are four Laser Trekking kits available for checkout. Each set has eight guns, including two with scope and pump action attachments. They have variable strength–10 or 25 hits per gun–which should be agreed upon prior to beginning your tournament. There is also a shield function (10 seconds for a 10-hit game and 30 seconds for a 25-hit game) that allows for protection in particularly precarious situations.

Use this equipment to play Capture the Flag, Protect the VIP, or an elimination or domination match between teams. Fun, safe competition intuits strategic thinking and gets you on your feet!


  • Two (2) Large Laser Tag guns with pump action attachment and scopes
  • Six (6) Small Laser Tag guns
  • AA Batteries
  • Two (2) Screwdrivers

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