About You Try-it!

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We’ve created interactive lists of resources and ideas to help you expand the use of the YT!Kit you’ve checked out.

Under each YT!Kit Title, you’ll find a set of booklists (fiction and nonfiction), tips for using the kits as they are, and ideas for expanding your learning and play. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more ideas that we’ve collected from around the Web!

We want to see your unique ideas, your work, and all your stories as well! Like us on Facebook and share with us how you’ve used the YT!Kits in your library. (And hey–don’t be afraid to tell us we messed up. If you have ideas on how to make YT!Kits better, we want to hear that, too.)

Use the YT!Kits in combination! Check out the Legos (TM) Challenge YT!Kit and make a stop-motion film — maybe you need the Explor-ience YT!Kit for some special effects — and then become aScreenMaster and host a movie night to showcase your work!

Use your time with the Advanced Lego (TM) Challenge YT!Kit to iron out some engineering details before you write a video game, get the Learn-to-Draw Kit for the graphics, and host a Wii U for UTournament!

There is an almost infinite number of combinations–You Try-It! Kits are made for you to PLAY without borders!

REMEMBER! These are only ideas, jumping off points for you. You’re only limited by your own imaginations. You’ll never know if you like something, or you’re good at something, or something is so much fun you can’t hardly stand it– until