System Services

Member public libraries that meet the basic requirements below will receive an Extended Services Grant or System Services Grant. The purpose of the System Service Grant is to assist libraries in serving individuals residing outside of the traditional taxing area.

NWKLS determines grant amounts by classifying libraries based on population as outlined in the 2012 Standards for Kansas Public Libraries.  NWKLS reexamines Member library classification every five years; however, a library may request reexamination at any time.

In order to receive the maximum amount available, a member public library must meet all of the following conditions during the calendar year:

  • The library must be a legally established public library located in one of the taxing counties of Northwest Kansas Library System as defined in KSA 12-1218. (Required–Must meet this criteria to receive a grant)
  • One representative from the library must attend either of the two Full System Board meetings.
  • The director of the library shall require that library staff attend a minimum of three (3) hours of library training. This can be through a System workshop or other venue.
  • A quorum of each public library board must participate in one continuing education event.
  • The library must qualify to receive State Aid to Libraries.
  • The library must have patron internet access and a working e-mail address.

A library not meeting the requirements will have their grant reduced by 10% per applicable condition.

Library Classifications and Grant Amounts

Major Service Center I (Population: 2,500 – 10,000)

Maximum Grant: $5500

Pioneer Memorial Library, Goodland Public Library, and Norton Public Library are Major Service Center I Libraries. They make an effort to reach large areas outside of their library boundaries in service to rural residents and people from smaller towns in their vicinity. These libraries serve as walk-in resource centers to many people throughout the region.

Service Center (Population: 1,000 – 2,500)

Maximum Grant: $4000

Sheridan County Library in Hoxie, Oakley Public Library, Oberlin City Library, St. Francis Public Library, and WaKeeney City Library are Service Center Libraries and serve as secondary interlibrary loan resource collections.

Linking (Population: 500 – 1,000)

Maximum Grant: $3500

Jay Johnson Public Library and Sharon Springs Public Library are Linking Libraries. They serve relatively smaller areas outside their taxing districts and have fewer resources with which to work than the Service Center and Major Service Center I libraries.

Gateway (Population: less than 500)

Maximum Grant: $3000

The Almena City Library, Bird City Public Library, Gove City Library, Grainfield City Library, Moore Family Library in Grinnell, Jennings City Library, Lenora Public Library, Norcatur Public Library, and Selden Public Library are Gateway Libraries. They also serve smaller numbers of people outside of their taxing district and have fewer resources.